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A birthday set for... ME?

A couple of months ago, I decided to use a photoshoot as a push to design myself a customized gemstone set that later became a catalyst for self-love and discovery. I think most of us enjoy finding ways to celebrate and get to know those around us; we sometimes express love and appreciation freely while struggling to do the same for ourselves. 


Feeling connected to nature from a young age and having parents who loved to travel quickly opened me up to different ways of doing things: being happy, being sad, being comfortable with the unfamiliar, etc. I’ve begun to realize that over time, we all shift. We all notice new things about ourselves and that's part of the fun of being alive!


It’s this perspective shift that truly inspires me. Even the stones I pick— without realizing— involve perspective shifts, like iridescence. The Aqua Set in particular uses aquamarine, opal, and rainbow moonstones (which I chose for the connection I felt to their folklore, but I’ll save that for another journal entry ;))



This set is meant to serve as a reminder of the natural versatility across human experiences and how we can love ourselves through each step of the way. 





These photos visually represent two sides of Tree Myriah the business, and Tree Myriah, the person behind each handmade jewelry collection.


Both are made up of two crucial components that I’m constantly switching between: the creative and the analytical. There’s the ability to plan ahead, recognize others, collaborate, share myself on social media, plan out yearly calendars, organize events, and all things “back end” that support my creative pursuits. 




Creativity itself is pretty much the opposite. You have to be somewhat “unplanned” to allow your curiosity to guide you. When this happens, all I want to do is stay in it. It can be difficult to balance the two sides of me and the business— this jewelry set is a gentle reminder of the duality and versatility of being an entrepreneur and/or creative person in today’s world. 




The versatility of all that I love is seen not only in these photos, but in the set itself. They (and I) easily flow between jeans and a tshirt and a flowy, feminine dress. These pieces, much like humans, can flow between concrete jungles and wet, green forests with ease. I created this set for the wearer, adventurer, and lover to feel supported on their journey to harmony and balance. 


This set celebrates your duality: your wild yet disciplined, your soft yet powerful.



Thank you for supporting me through another lap around the sun. I am only able to make handmade jewelry from my soul because you share so much of yours with me! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate the Aqua Set into your daily life, special events, and everything in between.


With love and grace,


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