Meet Tree 
Growing up on the west coast meant embracing and reveling in the adventurous spirit. We could be running barefoot over leaves and Redwood roots in the morning and diving under the waves of the Pacific by noon. I loved every second of it. 
As I grew older, started working, and moved into the city, my craving for adventure simply became stronger. Only now, I knew what to call it: wanderlust. Travel was my first love. It’s the truest freedom I’ve ever known. I owe everything I am to my experiences exploring the world – my style, my confidence, my spirit, and my love for the earth.
It may sound lofty or embellished, but I know you get it. We are wanderers. We walk boldly into the unknown and appreciate the entire journey, not just the destination. Tree Myriah jewelry is inspired by you. The busy, modern explorer that needs simple, elegant and feminine pieces that transition from an early morning at your desk to a sunset picnic on the sand.
I bring the inspiration I gather on my adventures to my Eugene Oregon studio, where I get to pour my soul into my art and make all of my pieces with your next adventure in mind. Whether you’re wearing a statement crystal choker or minimalist moonstone lariat, I want you to hop on the next flight with confidence, knowing that your style and spirit are in alignment.
I can’t wait to show you my favorite line of jewels the Wildflower Collection, designs inspired by the strength, beauty & resilience of Wildflowers. Head over here to take a peek.
With love and grace,