Not just about accessorizing

Tree Myriah

It's about experiencing the golden light that envelopes us.

Growing up

on the West Coast meant embracing and reveling in


We could be running barefoot over leaves and Redwood roots in the morning and diving under the waves of the Pacific by noon. I loved every second of it.

Aqua 3 - Piece Set - Tree Myriah

Discover tree's

Meet designer, visionary officer and founder of TM,


As I grew older, started working, and moved into the city, my craving for the natural world simply became stronger.

The trees were my first love. Their gentle branches and strong trunks became the foundation for the truest freedom I’ve ever known. I owe everything I am to my experiences exploring the forest – my style, my confidence, my spirit, and my love for the earth.

light plays an integral role

in the forest ecosystem. From observing this light form, shape and color became cornerstones of my design process.


I often work with moonstones and labradorite gemstones because they dance in the light, casting hues that shimmer and shift, mirroring the changing facets of our experience.

My Philosophy

revolves around embracing the brilliance of life’s moments, no matter how fleeting they may be. Each piece I craft is a testament to this celebration – a tiny treasure that embodies the joy, the love, and the light that makes life magical.

Wearing my pieces of Earth (gemstones) isn’t just about accessorizing; it’s about experiencing the golden light that exists within and around us.

Take a step into the studio

I bring the inspiration I gather on my adventures to my Oregon garden studio, where I get to pour my soul into my art and make your jewels with gemstones that help you forge a connection with the beauty that surrounds us.