Tree Myriah

Isn't just about creating jewelry;

It's about creating a connection to the beauty that surrounds us.

In a world that often moves

at a quick pace,

there’s something profoundly beautiful about taking a moment to celebrate the good and the light that touch our lives.

At Tree Myriah, we believe in cherishing these moments and adorning our life with totems that remind us of life’s beauty.

My jewelry pieces, handcrafted with gemstones from the earth, capture the essence of this belief.

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My philosophy

revolves around celebrating the brilliance of life’s moments, no matter how fleeting they may be. Each piece I craft is a testament to this celebration – a tiny treasure that embodies the joy, the love, and the light that makes life magical.

Indigo Necklace - Tree Myriah

Meet designer, flower enthusiast and visionary officer of Tree Myriah,


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