Winter's Rose - Seasonal Drop

Winter's seasonal jewelry drop encapsulates the delicate beauty that persists through the harsh dark months of winter. Winter season can be a time of rest, slower days and darkness but even in the rest there can be growth.


Hellebore, winter's rose, or lenten rose, is my inspiration for Winter's Seasonal Jewelry Drop. Her pastel floral hues pop through the dull soil like a little winter gem. She blossoms through ice, rain and snow on the coldest and darkest months of the year sharing her resilience and gorgeous petals with us. Brining life to the dark. Wearing these jewels help you invite light and joy into the dark months. 

Winter's Rose - Seasonal Drop

We use 14 kt gold-filled and sterling silver metal. 

Gold-filled is solid gold fused onto a base metal (usually sterling silver or brass) it is different than gold plated as it will not rub off or flake off. It's a wonderful cost effective alternative to solid gold. 

If stored and cared for properly it can last a lifetime.

Made-to-order - We make each piece by hand when it's ordered. By committing to this practice, we minimize waste and give each piece the time and energy it deserves. Currently, we are working within a 2 week lead time for most jewelry pieces. 

Some more intricate pieces take up to 8 weeks; check each listing for lead times. 

If you're still unsure if your pieces will make it to you by your sisters birthday or your wedding day then Contact Tree directly to discuss a rushed timeline!

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