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Travel highlight: top 3 musts for a comfortable cross continental flight

Recently I journeyed across the world to Indonesia and it wasn’t the first or even the third time I’ve made that journey so by now I feel like a mini expert (well sort of!). My trip started out with a 15 hour flight from San Francisco to Taipei, and ended with a 5 hour flight touching down in mini paradise BALI! I have a few tips that are sure to make your cross continental flight feel like nothing more than 24 hours seat belted on your own couch.
1. Meals:
When I’m flying across continents most airlines I take (except super low cost like WOW or Norwegian) offer a free in plane meal service. I’ve actually grown to not mind them too much, the secret? When booking your flight request a “special meal.” This is at no additional cost to you, it’s completely free. I’m partial to the Hindu vegetarian meals. (I’m not a vegetarian normally.) These usually consist of a cup of fruit, a cup of raw veggies or a salad, bread, non spicy curry with vegetables, rice/dahl and a desert of some kind like rice pudding or a cake. You can also request other “special meals” like raw vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, gluten free, and even various baby meals for little ones. I’ve even gone as far as making my own meals to bring on flights. Something like a veggie stir fry or chai seed pudding.
2. What to pack in your carry on:
~Wallet (money, id, credit cards.)
~Chap stick
~Extra outfit to change into
~Little bottles of face wash/moisturizer
~Any medications you have to take
~A jacket (planes are notoriously cold!)
~Phone Charger
~Neck pillow
~Eye mask
~Ear plugs
~Snacks (trail mix, apple, cheese, etc.)
~Valuables (like jewelry documents, anything you don’t want taken, you never know!)
3. Entertainment:
This is a loooong journey and you are going to want to be entertained! I usually prepare by bringing my personal favorite forms of entertainment. ~Downloading a handful of my favorite podcasts (Radiolab, Reveal, Ted Radio Hour, Snap Judgment, How I Built This.)
~Downloading shows or movies on my tablet/phone. (Netflix now has a feature where you can download a movie or show to your phone and watch it without using internet or data, awesome right!) But beware, Netflix doesn’t work in some countries, so do your homework before you take off.
~Bring a book! This is also really nice to have on your trip, reading in a hammock on the beach? Yes please!
~In flight entertainment is usually on trans-continental flights, but do your research and don’t rely on it. I have been on long flights thinking there would be little tv’s for use and sat there for 9 hours with nothing to do with my spare time (torture!)
If you have a connecting flight with a layover, research the airport! You may find some hidden treasures. When I fly to Bali I always connect through Taipei, I discovered there are free 15 minute massage chairs there that are heaven on earth!
Being comfortable during a long journey really makes a difference, it is the beginning of your trip after all, so it should be fun too. Do you have any key things you must pack in your carry on for a comfortable flight? Comment below with your advice. I would love to get even better at packing, there’s always room for improvement!
With love and grace,

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