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What are baroque pearls?

Are you a seashore lover? Do you take any chance you can get to walk down the beach and splash in the waves? Then, like me, you probably love pearls! There are many different kinds of pearls but today I’m going to introduce you to the pearl of all pearls: baroque pearls.
There are two main categories that pearls fall under; traditional (round), and baroque pearls. Baroque pearls are the physical opposite of traditional pearls, in that instead of being symmetrical, each pearl takes on a completely unique, organic shape. So they are obviously the ideal choice for one-of-a- kind women, who love versatile jewelry that’s just as rare as they are!
Where do baroque pearls come from? They most commonly come from freshwater sources, although some salt water pearls are also baroque pearls. Odds are if you have any baroque jewelry the pearls came from freshwater.
How are pearls formed? Natural pearls are formed when an irritant enters a shellfish, such as clam, mussel, or oyster. The shellfish begins its defense by making a fluid called nacre, and deposits layer after layer of this fluid to coat the irritant, eventually creating a lustrous pearl. A cultured pearl undergoes a very similar process the main difference being the irritant is artificially implanted.
Baroque pearls are beautifully unique with their organic and free-flowing shapes. That’s why I used baroque pearls so much in my last collection Salt Water! Since I am more than a little obsessed with stones and gems that create versatility for our wardrobe. I adore the way that the luminous glow of pearls highlight our natural features + the neutral color goes with anything. Here are a few customer favorites that include, yes, you guessed it PEARLS!
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