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Travel highlight: do you celebrate with wine?

Bringing in 24 with wine in hand, Napa Valley style! That’s right my girls and I took a little weekend trip to fabulous wine country to celebrate my dear friends birthday. We couldn’t think of a better excuse to sip wine and eat delicious food all weekend, can you?
There are so many places to stay and eat in Nappa Valley it was so hard to choose where to go! After much research we finally decided on a little Airbnb in Calistoga (I’m a huge fan of Airbnb.) I love having a little cottage/apartment/house to have a little privacy and make breakfast in. I usually end up feeling much more relaxed in an Airbnb setting rather than a conventional hotel room (and I usually save some serious cash.) Our place and most paces in Calistoga are within walking proximity to numerous restaurants and a quick drive to lots of wineries so Calistoga seamed like a perfect fit for our stay.
We knew that we all wanted to take advantage of the great wine so we reached out to a car service to drive us to our tastings. A fast google search gave us countless companies to choose from (wine tasting in Napa is too easy!) They will even help you curate a group of wineries to visit. We decided to choose the wineries we wanted to visit ourselves and there were 2 particularly delicious ones I have to share with you.
Castello Di Amorosa which is a winery and castle in one! That’s right the owner Dario Sattui took his family history in the wine industry and married it with his personal passion for medival architecture. He constructed a castle from the ground up with over 100,000 square feet and 107 rooms and four separate levels both below and above ground. The castle comes second to Castello Di Amorosa’s classic Italian wines. If you love architecture and the feeling of being transported to Tuscany you must give this place a visit.
Mumm Napa embraces the classic wine making techniques of Champagne, France. I’m a sucker for sparkling wine and I personally prefer the less sweet type. Mumm Napa had a fabulous array of dry to semi sweet sparling wines so much so I couldn’t help but leave with a bottle or two. There is a lovely outdoor patio perfect for tasting and enjoying a view of their spectacular grape fields.
Wearing the Mystic Pearl Choker.
Among our tastings we had to make time for a little grub and I had been waiting to try Gotts a unique roadside restaurant. Featuring items like an Ahi Burger with wasabi mayo, Citrus and Avocado Chop Salad and 11 different kinds of specialty burgers! Hungry yet? Don’t worry I saved the best to share with you last Hawaiian style Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos (I’m bias because this is what I got.) There are a handful of locations around the bay area and even in the San Francisco International Airport terminal (I hope I fly though that terminal next trip!) Check out the incredible menu here.
Have you been wine tasting? In Napa or beyond? Share with us what your favorite wine tasting memory is!
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