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Better than the farmers market?

I adore going to the farmers market on Saturdays, and I have a feeling that many of you probably do too! There’s something truly special about running into your friends and frolicking in the sunshine while gathering your weeks nutrients. But, while the market may be a great experience, I’ve found something that may be even better! I know that’s quite a claim, but I’ve think going to the source, the farm itself, to pick up (and sometimes pick!) my veggies is actually even more magical!
The farm share, also know as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), I am a part of is nestled in the Northern California coast right outside of Arcata. I go to Redwood Roots Farm each week to pick up a selection of seasonal veggies, a bouquet of flowers and sometimes the occasional fruit (Arcata has very short growing periods for this.) If you’re not able to have a garden yourself, whether it's because you don’t have the space, you travel too often, or just don’t have the time, then get your butt out to someone else’s! Picking my bouquet of flowers and basket of kale and veggies gives me that weekly dose of garden time that makes my spirit happy.
Don’t want to commit to a whole season with a CSA? Some farms hold a farm stand day, Redwood Roots opens up the farm stand June-October every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-6. You can pick out veggies that are already pre-cleaned and picked and pick yourself a glorious bouquet of dahlias as well as sunflowers, zinnias, and many more later in the summer. It’s also pretty fun to bring kids to the farm! Auntie day with your niece or nephew picking flowers and veggies, what’s better than that?
You could take your passion for gardening even further and volunteer at Redwood Roots Farm or sponsor a family that couldn’t otherwise afford the farm share. Interested in joining a CSA in your area? Here are a few ways to get started. Google it! That magical tool does wonders for research. Ask around at the farmers market, ask your friends and co-workers. CSA’s usually run in seasons so ask about sign up dates and payment info to secure a spot.
Are you already part of a CSA? If so, where? I adore the flowers I get at my CSA, what’s your favorite thing about yours? Comment below and share your experience with us.
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