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My Inspiration for "S'il Vous Plait"

Sunny afternoons wandering parks and art museums, long warm evenings full of wine and street cafes; my travels through Paris and London sparked a desire to create jewelry that transitions seamlessly through our daily adventures.
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Photographed: Victoria Necklace layered with the Elise Necklace. Paired with the Dara Earrings
We are; modern free spirited babes. We wear confidence with a smile because we know we deserve to feel our best. Simple versatile elegance represents our mantra; we work hard and play harder!
I designed “S’il Vous Plait” because I wanted jewelry that could be worn both to a business meeting and out to drinks with best friends. To create these versatile beauties, I used stones like labradroite, rubies and pearls with rich gold accents that highlight the gems natural features. I want us to feel ELEGANT, CONFIDENT and FEMININE throughout the day, by creating accessories that speak to both our professionalism and our free-spirited hearts.
I invite you to share your journey with our Instagram family by tagging #jeweljourney while wearing your Tree Myriah pieces to your next business meeting or your adventure to Napa.
With love and grace,

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