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Vegetarian Dreams and Venice Beams!

My boyfriend and I went on a little Southern California adventure last month, to the Abbot Kinney Festival, in Venice, Los Angeles. I found myself seriously falling in love with the area; I loved the sophisticated bohemian beach town feeling when exploring the streets and alleyways of this unique neighborhood.
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I have a long-standing love for food that is fresh, local, farm-to-table style, and The Butchers Daughter filled these desires to perfection! Not to mention the decor was lovely, it felt like a cross between a cafe in Bali, and a West Elm Store. My kind of design!
The highlight of breakfast was the juice fight we ordered, a selection of 4 juices, chosen from 10+ unique blends. My favorite was the Honeybee (grapefruit, turmeric, yuzu, kumquat, honey, bee pollen), but they are all delicious. If you find yourself feeling in need of something fresh and delicious or a cool seat in a delightful atmosphere, don't pass up a chance to try this cafe while wandering Abbot Kinney.
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