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Meet Tree!

I'm Tree founder, designer, maker and all around lady boss behind Tree Myriah.  
5 Fun Facts About Me:   
  1. If I could go back in time to see any concert, it would be The Beatles final performance on a rooftop in London. 
  2.  One of my goals is to visit as many countries as I am old (I'm 23 and I have been to 15 countries.) I have a bit of catching up to do! 
  3. I spent the first few years of life in the Northern California hills with my hippie parents who grew their own food and went into town only a few times a month.  
  4. I'm a home body. 
  5. But I love a good adventure!  
I Believe…   
That there is adventure in you! I believe, that exploring the city after a long work week is one of the simplest resets for your mind. I believe that a good laugh, a good meal, and a cocktail with your best friend, can make everything better.   
I want to live in a world where traveling is the norm. The experience of discovering new cities, cultures and surroundings sets the soul on fire and tantalizes all the senses. Nothing else replicates that feeling, when you are walking into the unknown and you have butterflies in your stomach. That feel good nervousness!    
I refuse to believe that our professional careers have to get in the way of the desires of our wanderlust hearts. We are the creators of our own reality!
Join me in cherishing our free-spirited roots by going on an adventure and sharing it with the Tree Myriah family.     
With love and grace,

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