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DIY: holiday table setting with foraged greens, pomegranates and persimmons

Happy Holidays! My name is Catrina Chavez.  I'm the owner of Above and Beyond Creations Events and Specialty Rentals based in Humboldt County, California and serving the Pacific North West and Beyond. 

   Growing up in Humboldt County, with a love for the outdoors, we are fortunate to have an abundance of inspiration amongst our lush forests here in the PNW.

   With winter here, it's time to get into the Christmas spirit! With some much going on in the world, it is easy to not think about your holiday table setting. Here is an easy DIY way of avoiding costs by repurposing family heirlooms and utilizing what's in your backyard and foraging locally. It is also a fun outdoor activity for the family , getting outside and enjoying nature.

   I was lucky to have been raised by a wonderful mother that brought out her family's silver flatware and China during special occasions.  She loved to set the table with her special linens and lace overlays.  Her collection of tapered brass candlesticks illuminated the space during intimate gathering.  The nostalgia of these memories,  I enjoy to recreate in my own design by incorporating my passion for foraging. 


  In my backyard in Southern Humboldt I will be using 

  • Pine tree sprigs and pine cones
  • Rosemary cuttings from the garden 
  • Persimmons from the tree
  • Magnolia tree cuttings

    From our local forests I will be using

  • Douglas Fir tree sprigs 
  • Madrone tree  sprigs with berries
  • Huckleberry branches
  • Pepperwood tree sprigs 
  • Red Cedar tree sprigs
  • Moses found on tree branches

    From the local Health Food Coop  

     I purchased

  • pomegranates
  • Pears
  • Cranberries 
  • Oranges


      First start with preparing your Citrus Wheels to dehydrate.  Attached below is an easy recipe to follow.  Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Slice the orange thinly with a serrated knife. Spray cookie sheet with cooking oil. Bake for approximately 2 ½ hours . Watch carefully . The smaller slices will bake faster.

    While the oranges are dehydrating is a great time to get in the yard and begin foraging. 

       When beginning to set your holiday table. Start by laying the different of evergreens aligning in the center of your table.  Continue by adding the different textures of magnolia tree sprigs, rosemary cuttings, bay leaf sprigs, madrone tree berries sprigs, and pinecone if available. 

       A fun addition that adds a pop of color is to add season fruits. My persimmon tree is abundant this time of year.  I also love the shapes and texture of pears and pomegranates,  add a bowl of cranberries also if you wish.  

       The citrus wheels should be ready now to take out of the oven. They make a great garnish for your place setting and in your holiday cocktail with cranberries! 

       Add some candles for ambience, and set the table! 

       I hope you enjoy this easy DIY table setting and time foraging in the outdoors with your families while embracing each other and what the beauty the Pacific North West has to offer!  Stay safe and healthy!  Cheers to the New Year! 

       If you are in need of help for your special event check out Above and Beyond Creations. Our Specialty Rentals Showroom will be available for private parties and workshops launching this New Year in Old Town,  Eureka!  Stay tuned! 

    Looking forward to helping create an Above and Beyond experience for you and your guests! 


    Follow Catrina over on Instagram @aboveandbeyondcreations

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