Giving Adventure

10% of my profits are donated to Ocean Connectors!
Adventurers helping adventure seekers:
I believe in a world that encourages curiosity, discovery and exploration. A world where we do our part to introduce those around us to the life of adventure. That's why I've teamed up with Ocean Connectors a San Diego based non-profit who's goal is to connect disadvantaged youth with the ocean by providing access and education through migratory marine life.
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In todays ever changing environment with the influence of large population and heavy industrialization the ocean and marine life are increasingly threatened. By giving to Ocean Connector's we're directly supporting the restoration of coastal habitats, environmental advocacy, and marine science education for future generations. Our goal is to to give todays youth the tools they need to make environmentally-concious decisions to preserve the health of our Oceans.  
Each and every jewelry piece you buy directly helps under served kids explore, learn and help our ocean! Discover my Salt Water collection here, designs inspired by the tropical sea.
Read more about the amazing non-profit here.