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Tree's Solo Date at 5th Street Market

When’s the last time you took yourself out on a date? I love exploring and supporting local businesses. If you’re also here in Eugene, you’re sure to uncover a new favorite reading nook, local provisions, or the perfect dress at 5th Street Market. If not, a quick “local market near me” Google search should take you somewhere similar in the city/town you reside in.

Exploring outside of my day-to-day provides a huge perspective shift and inspiration for Tree Myriah. Stepping away from my home where I work and live helps my mind interpret things in new ways and allows me to channel that into simple, gemstone-forward designs. It allows me to see situations/problems with fresh, unassuming eyes and heart. 

Pro-tip: bring your notebook to give yourself the chance to write, or bring a book you've been meaning to start/finish! I brought garden books on this trip to start scheming and pulling inspiration from the plant shops for my own backyard plans.

Book 1: Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden 

Book 2: Monte Dawn The Complete Gardener: A Practical, Imaginative Guide to Every Aspect of Gardening 

Another thing I include in my solo dates is taking my latest designs out for their first spin. There’s something incredibly special about wearing my hard work around my neck (literally) while reconnecting with myself. 

Pictured above is one of my new jewelry sets. This set is a reflection of what I create for myself. When the 2020 pandemic hit it forced me, like so many others, to pause our patterns of movement and stay still. For the past two years, rather than hopping on a plane to exotic foreign destinations, I have explored my relationship with the landscapes of my home in the Pacific Northwest and drawn inspiration from its raw natural beauty. This new collection is inspired by the root of it all; water. Read more about my inspiration here.


This collection encompassing my love for layering sets with modern pearls and stones that moves me, deeply, and steers me to keep experimenting with different combinations that elicit wonder, beauty and awe. I created with recycled 14 carat gold-filled metal, responsibly sourced freshwater pearls, and Paraiba Opal (which are exceedingly rare blue gemstones from Brazil). This set embodies my love for modern, sleek design using natural stones and organic textures from the earth.

Set details:

The first stop on my solo adventure was Terra Pacem, a winery, learning and social community by and for people with disabilities. When you visit, you can admire all the whimsical pieces, enjoy a tasting, or make a purchase to support local artists of all abilities.

The second place I went was the Basic Botanist. Being in nature is one of the most calming things I can do for my well-being: emotional, spiritual, and even physical. It’s like hitting a reset button. Having plenty of plants both in and around my home brings that calmness into my daily life, while also reminding me of the interconnectedness we experience with other living beings. 

I had to hit  Gilt + Gossamer: a Tree Myriah stockist in the heart of Eugene! Don’t miss their shoe boutique downstairs from their original location to peek at new spring offerings + an entire line of TM jewels. This is the perfect place to stop by if you're looking to adorn yourself or pick up a unique gift.  

My last stop was a flower shop inside of Provisions Market Hall. Since many of my designs are inspired by my travels and the nature around me, flower shops are an ideal spot to spark my creativity. They quiet the noise of the everyday and always offer something new.

Do you have a go-to place that you like to explore alone? Or, maybe, you like to switch it up (I certainly do, but always maintain a few favorites). Either way, I hope sharing a piece of myself and my adventures encourages you to expand your daily practices and go find more of the beauty this world has to offer. This past 2 years has been tough, and I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to look a bit harder for the magic. 

Outfit Details: 

  • Dress (Gilt + Gossamer
    • Fun fact: my love bought this for me as a present back in 2017 when I first moved here from Humboldt county. 
  • Shoes (Gilt + Gossamer)
    • Purchased from their shoe boutique. 
  • Jewelry
    • This new set was made by me just for this shoot! When you’re reading this, it will have already launched*hyperlink to the set again*. :)
  • Tote (Hair Column)
    • A perfect summer market or day at the lake bag, from a sustainable feel-good salon that focuses on nurturing your hair and your life simultaneously. Tree Myriah jewels are available for sale in the market inside of the salon! I get my hair cut by the owner, Kaila.
  • Flowers

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