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Embracing the Golden light✨

In a world that often moves at a quick pace, there’s something profoundly beautiful about taking a moment to celebrate the good and the light that touch our lives. At Tree Myriah, I believe in cherishing these moments and adorning our life with totems that remind us of life’s beauty. My jewelry pieces, handcrafted with gemstones from the earth, capture the essence of this belief.


Lucia Hoops  |  Mandy Earrings  |  Organic Pearl Hoops

Customized Joslyn Studs  |  Chlo Necklace

TM (Tree Myriah) isn’t just about creating jewelry; it’s about creating a connection to the beauty that surrounds us. My philosophy revolves around embracing the brilliance of life’s moments, no matter how fleeting they may be. Each piece I craft is a testament to this celebration – a tiny treasure that embodies the joy, the love, and the light that makes life magical.


Katrina Hoops  |  Lucy Shaker Necklace  |  Ivory Lariat

Gems that Dance in the Light

Moonstone, pearl, labradorite – these gemstones of the earth are more than just stunning adornments; they're telling a story. They play in the light, casting shimmering hues that change like the facets of our experiences. Just as life presents us with various perspectives, these gemstones remind us that every twist and turn adds to the tapestry of our journey.

Crescent Moon Necklace  |   Labradorite Nimah Necklace  |  Fiery Opal Devotion Necklace  |  Strawberry Nimah Necklace  |  Dia Choker


Wearing my jewelry isn’t just about accessorizing; it’s about experiencing the golden light that exists within and around us. With each piece adorned with moonstone, pearl, or labradorite, I invite you to look at life through a kaleidoscope of colors and possibilities. These gemstones aren’t just accents; they’re windows that allow us to glimpse the radiant light that often goes unnoticed. 

Zuna Choker  |  Moonstone Ninah Necklace  |  Clementine Lariat

When you wear a TM piece, you’re wearing a piece of earth that brings you back to the present moment. It’s a reminder to celebrate the now, to embrace the journey as it unfolds. The gemstones mirror life’s changing colors, reminding us that no matter how challenging or delightful the moment, it’s all part of our story.

As you explore TM’s collections, you’re not just exploring jewelry; you’re exploring an opportunity to celebrate life’s beauty.

 Discover luminous gemstones.

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