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DIY: botanical dyed fibers with Wayward Glamping

Botanical dye with Emily:

In a covid year I found myself going straight to my therapy  
which is crafting and gardening. I love to create decor for the  
tents so when I discovered the art of botanical dyeing I knew I  
needed to try it and once I did it has become a true  
inspiration! My goal is creating textiles for our bedrooms, bed linens and decor.


In the meantime I have been making  
presents for friends and family and loving every time I unroll  
the textile and see what is created. I love taking a walk in  
nature and collecting different flora to play with, my current  
discovery was the most beautiful champagne shade from  
acorns foraged close to my home in Anderson Valley. I just  
harvested the last of my marigolds and cosmos which print so  
beautifully and list of seeds for next season’s garden is long  
including Hopi black dye sunflowers.

If you’re like me and loves a fun craft project here’s a quick run down of creating beautiful botanical dyed items.

What you need:

Fabric- needs to be natural fibers cotton, silk, rayon and wool

Mortant- I use aluminium acetate that I purchase from a website

I love marigolds, dahlias, nasturtium, cosmos, pincushion flowers, red onion skins, huckleberries honestly just whatever you have try it! Powered turmeric is a gorgeous color. I have noticed the darker the color of the petals the better they dye.


Pre Soak Fabric for at least 1 hour.
Do not rinse, lay flat and add botanicals.
Fold in half and roll tightly into a burrito.
Wrap string around the bundle.
Place bundle in a steamer for 1 hour. If the fabric is thicker you might need to steam longer. Let bundle cool and once cool unroll and hang to dry. Do Not Rinse. Dry out of direct sunlight. Rinse after 24 hours with mild detergent and hang to dry.


Here's a little print out if you want to try out the project without your phone or computer nearby!

Take a look at Emily and her wayward life by following along on social @glamp_girl and check out the website where you can book your 2024 wedding or a weekend glamping trip for a getaway! 

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