Style: Festival fashion with the beaded shawl drop! - Tree Myriah

Style: Festival fashion with the beaded shawl drop!

Festival season is about to kick off in a couple weeks with Coachella. And that means it's time to start thinking about what festivals your going to this summer! If you love music, fashion, art and community you should be dancing at at least one this year! 

One of my favorite things about festivals is creating my outfits! It's so fun to look and feel like an extension of yourself without the "normal" restrictions of everyday style. Things that are admired in festival culture aren’t always accepted at your 9-to-5. So when attending a festival this year let your heart guide your outfit and go all out. You’ll be surprised at how free you feel and what you create. 


I designed and had these Beaded Shawls made in Bali Indonesia a few years back. I only have a handful left and I thought right before festival season would be a wonderful time to release a limited amount. If you’re wanting to step up your festival attire this hand Beaded Shawl will make you feel like a goddess. You can also wear your new shawl out in about after festival season. It pairs well with a little black dress or a bandeau for a night out. It's a show stopper that you will enjoy well beyond festival season!

I have the beaded shawls in three color combinations cream, bronze and black. I’ll be releasing them on April 1 at 10 AM. So add the sale to your calendar with a little reminder if you’re thinking about buying one. I'm only releasing 4 and they will likely sell out fast! 


Shop update! Every color is sold out except the bronze beaded shawl. Order yours below before they're all gone!!

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