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Recipe: Vegan Summer Salad!

Hey, TM babes! 

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful summer weather, and thanks for tuning in for this blog post! Since warmer months are upon us, I thought I would share a salad recipe that’s been on repeat at my house lately. It’s refreshing, satiating, and simple to make. Bonus: it’s vegan!

The stars of the show in this salad are the dried cranberries and fresh raspberries. The base consists of a couple of different greens, one being a fun mix from Trader Joe’s that pairs well with others for the perfect crunchy base. I use kale in this version, but I think spinach or arugula would be just as delicious. It’s always a good idea to rotate your greens every grocery trip for maximum nutrient consumption :) 

This recipe is great for summer gatherings, a quick lunch for work, picnics with your bestie, and anywhere else this summer takes you! I like to make a large bowl of all the ingredients minus the balsamic vinaigrette and prep it into 2-3 containers for easy and healthy lunches. Skip the food court this week and give this sweet and tangy recipe a go!

Scroll all the way down for the ingredients list and instructions.


2 cups greens 

1 cup “cruciferous crunch” salad mix (Trader Joe’s) 

½ cup raspberries

¼ cup dried cranberries

2 tbsp sunflower seeds 

⅓ can chickpeas, dried and rinsed thoroughly

Dress with balsamic vinaigrette to your liking!


  1. Roughly chop greens.
  2. Add cruciferous crunch and mix. 
  3. Rinse and pat dry your chickpeas. 
  4. Add all toppings and dressing.
  5. Toss thoroughly. 
  6. If making this recipe ahead for 1-2 days, leave dressing out until you are ready to eat!

One of the best parts about summer salads (and this one is no exception) is that the fruits, nuts and seeds can almost always be swapped for similar ingredients and have an incredible outcome, still. 

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With that being said, I’ve made this salad with blueberries instead of raspberries and it was so yummy! A few other options: 

  • Canned navy beans instead of chickpeas
  • Dried cherries instead of dried cranberries
  • Pecans, walnuts, or crushed almonds instead of sunflower seeds
  • Champagne vinaigrette instead of balsamic

If you want to take this base of balsamic, seeds, + legumes into the fall months, pan-fried squash of any kind and crushed chestnuts would be delectable. Pairing savory with sweet always makes for a killer meal. 

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