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Moon Chaser Farm + Apothecary specializes in beauty and self-care, bringing you handmade skin and hair care products using herbs grown or foraged by founder, Charlotte. That’s me! And I’m going to talk to you a little bit today about the importance of keeping your skin healthy, naturally. 

First of all, if you haven’t yet, go and grab yourself a big glass of water, because this is where all matters relating to our health start. Our skin, complexion, glow, all of it is hugely affected by how much water we are drinking or how hydrated we are. Personally, I begin to see it the most under my eyes, in my cheeks, and especially in my energy! You can use the most expensive of facial cleansers but until you keep yourself regularly well hydrated, you will not begin to see the true lengths with which you can love your skin. 

I used to choose facial cleansers that were really aggressive on my skin and pores, because I thought that it meant I was achieving a really deep cleanse. This can really wreak havoc on our skin, especially in colder and dryer seasons. For this reason, I developed my Bare Facial Cleanser using honey, aloe, olive + jojoba oils infused with lilac and rosehips, so that while the oil is working to cleanse my pores of dirt and oil, I am also giving moisture back to my skin so as to not leave it parched and devoid of what it needs. In the long-term, this also means that I end up using less of my MCF+A moisturizing serums, because I do not have to work so hard to get re-moisturized. Additionally, exfoliating with this gentle serum leaves the skin feeling really bright and supple. I like to use a loofah pad that I sell along with my cleansers. 

What about protection? Growing up in the PNW, I have heard so many people comment about how we never see the sun. While those of us who live here know this is not true, I would like to add that intense UV rays make their way through a cloudy PNW day all the same. Dermatologists recommend using a minimum of SPF 15 or 30 for everyday use. As I am outside so much of the time tending to my herbs or foraging for plants to add to my formulas, I get a lot of sun and it really does not take me much to get those browned shoulders. I wear SPF 50 and my wide-brimmed sun hat on those days. As I haven’t developed anything with strong UV protective properties, I lean towards companies that make environmentally safe sunscreens. I have recently developed a serum that contains zinc (my Drift Dermal Serum, made with fresh and responsibly foraged Bull Kelp that washed up on the Oregon Coast) that I like to use for extra defense against the sun in conjunction with an SPF 50 moisturizer. 

I love a good evening treatment, and while I haven’t developed a sunscreen, I enjoy ending my day or any day of prolonged exposure to the sun with my Empower Evening Treatment. It is important each evening to clean your face from all of the exposure it has had to environmental factors--Our skin is our first defense against air pollution, not to mention all of the different things we touch everyday that inevitably play a factor in clogging our pores. I like to repeat the gentle cleansing with my Bare Facial Cleanser I mentioned above, using the same gentle exfoliation loofah pad, and then finish it off with my Empower Evening Treatment. This is a blend of lightweight oils infused with Saint John’s Wort, Yarrow, Pearly Everlasting, and Calendula, all which work together to heal, nourish, and fortify your skin while you sleep after a long day. Saint John’s Wort is an especially good treatment for too much sun exposure, but can also cause photosensitivity, which is why this is such a sweet treatment for while you sleep. 

Of course, keep drinking plenty of water. If you feel like you are not getting as hydrated as you would like, even with an excess of water, you may not be absorbing as much as you would like. Sometimes we need a few extra electrolytes. When this happens, I like to throw a little Himalayan pink salt into my water and stir it to dissolve. I notice a nice kick to my system and shortly after feel my hydration improving. It is important to listen to our body’s cues! 

I hope you enjoyed this little guest visit on the Tree Myriah Blog!

I hope you enjoyed this guest post for Tree Myriah, it has been so fun to spend time with Tree plotting this. If you would like to follow along with my work, you can follow me on Instagram @moonchaserfarm. If you would like to purchase any products (and there’s plenty more to peruse), check out my website at and I am always happy to help find the best products for you or a loved one. 🖤 Charlotte 

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