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Self love: Keeping your skin healthy + hydrated in the winter months

As we transition into the cool and dry winter months it becomes increasingly important that we take the steps to seal in our skin's moisture while preserving its natural barrier function. Conventional skincare and foaming cleansers generally do not help with this cause. They often contain ingredients that are detrimental to our skin's natural microbiome resulting in a flaky and dry complexion. While this compromised state of the skin doesn’t feel or look preferable, it also affects our skin's ability to carry out its natural function of acting as our body's protector from the outside elements. Transitioning to the oil cleansing technique can bring about a sense of balance and harmony to the skin while maintaining moisture levels.  

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Benefits of Oil Cleansing:

The oil cleansing method is incredible because it is 100% non-stripping to the skin while maintaining the ability to thoroughly cleanse the skin. It is ultra effective at removing dirt, makeup, and any other factors that your skin may have come into contact with throughout the day. Squeaky clean skin is a feeling that the cosmetic industry has created, popularized, and sold on the market. While many are accustomed to foaming cleansers, all the suds provide to the face is dehydration and over all imbalance. 


How to Oil Cleanse:

Step 1: Find an oil cleanser with a simple, organic ingredient list if possible along with botanicals that support your particular skin type and constitution.

Step 2: Dispense a few pumps into your palm and apply onto dry skin.

Step 3: Massage the oil cleanser into your skin while working to release any muscle tension in the face that you may be experiencing. 

Step 4: Run warm water over a washcloth and wring out. Then gently compress the steamy washcloth onto your skin to remove the cleanser. Repeat this step twice if necessary in order to fully remove the product. Your skin should feel cleansed, nourished, and hydrated. 

Oil Cleansers: 

Laurel Skin

Photo: Laurel Skin


My favorite oil cleanser is Deep Clarity by Laurel Skin. This product comes from the skincare line that I have been working closely with over the past three years in my professional practice and homecare rituals. This oil cleanser contains an abundance of California grown rosemary which stimulates circulation, further supporting the muscle tension release experience associated with oil cleansing. 


Root, Rise Farm and Apothecary.

(Calendula is also found in the Deep Clarity Oil Cleanser) Photo: Root Rise 


Another lovely option is Sun Beam Serum by Root, Rise Farm and Apothecary. The botanicals found within the blend are grown locally on the Lost Coast of California. The calendula infused into the oil works as an inflammation modulator. I utilize this product in my Root to Rise Facial experiences at my studio on 2nd Street in Old Town Eureka. 


Skincare Studio 

Faces of The Moon is a botanical skincare and wellness studio located in beautiful Old Town Eureka. We are committed to providing personalized, one of a kind skincare services in a relaxing and nurturing environment. At Faces of the Moon we are dedicated to utilizing high quality, organic, plant based products that are sourced with care. We believe deeply in slowing down and taking time for self care and skin care , both practices that we find are directly linked to one's overall  well being. We offer space for transformation to occur from within out onto the skin through our holistic approach.

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Founder & Holistic Esthetician

Jayna is a California Licensed Esthetician and founder of Faces of the Moon. She provides individualized sessions where one may experience the essence of their true beauty through nurturing self care and skin healing. With an emphasis on wellness, Jayna fuses botanicals and transformative facial massage to cultivate a sense of peace and luminosity.  She studied esthetics at the renowned Aveda Institute of Minneapolis and has since returned home to share her services amongst the magic of the North Coast. 

Book an appointment with Jayna, shop online & follow her on Instagram!

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