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Salt Water: what inspired the collection?

I played the escape game from my rain filled Northern California winter three times in 2017, escaping to tropical seas and sunny skies. I went to Mexico twice, in January and Febuary, and to Bali in April for a surprise trip my boyfriend planned.

On my adventures, one thing repeatedly stood out to me; my undying love for the sea. Don't you just love that feeling of sand in between your toes? And how the spray from the waves leaves salty ocean mist in your curls? I do too! So much so that I start to crave it when I'm without for to long.
That's what inspired me to design my new collection •Salt Water• I wanted elegant pieces that embody everything about the ocean. So even when you're not frolicking in the waves you're constantly reminded of the oceans tranquil beauty. Honestly at heart I think we're all mermaids!
Just like every collection I create, •Salt Water• is designed to layer elegantly with my other designs, or stand simply on their own. The beauty of my pieces is that they love to be worn through all life's adventures. On your wedding day, on your summer trip to Tulum and to your next business meeting. Versatile elegance!
Photography: Michelle Roller
Do you have a favorite piece from •Salt Water•? Comment below and let me know which one is it and why? Shop the new collection here.
With love and grace,

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