Raw Opal Set
Raw Opal Set
Raw Opal Set
Raw Opal Set

Raw Opal Set


This set includes a pair of opal earrings and a matching necklace! 



~Fiery rounded organic shape opal nugget.
~Gold fill.
~Earrings measure approximately 3/4" from the top of the hook to the bottom of the opal. 



~Gold filled.
~Fiery rounded organic shape opal nugget.
~9mm gold filled lobster clasp.
~Measures 18".
~1” extension that allows you to adjust the length of the necklace.
~Little gem embellishment stone on the end of the extension chain.


Wish you could try on your jewels? While I stand behind the quality of my creations and I know sometimes jewelry just doesn't feel right so I offer free return labels for all my pieces! 


-Jewelry Care-
We recommend removing jewelry before:
~Applying makeup, lotion, perfume or any other beauty products.
~Bathing or swimming.
~Cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals of any kind. 
~If your jewelry does come into contact with water gently pat dry.