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What does gold filled & gold vermeil mean?

Are you confused about what gold filled, gold plated, vermeil and just plain gold are? I primarily work with gold filled and gold vermeil metals in my jewelry, mostly because I’ve found gold filled and gold vermeil metal to be the best quality, while remaining cost effective to work with. My number one goal is for you to be able to wear your jewels for any occasion, again and again + not break the bank doing it.
Gold Filled:
Gold is a very soft and expensive metal, and in order to make it both sturdy, and more cost effective, gold filled metal was created. Gold filled metal is made by taking a sheet of base metal, (usually made from metals such as silver and copper) then adding a thick sheet of solid gold, and applying heat and pressure, causing the metals to bond together. Since gold filled metal has a layer of solid gold on the outside, gold filled jewelry holds up for years and years even with everyday use. What do I use that is gold filled? All of the chain, wire, clasps and some of the charms I use in Tree Myriah jewelry are gold filled.
Gold Vermeil:
Gold vermeil has a base of sterling silver with a coating of gold over it. Gold vermeil has at least 2.5 microns of gold with a quality of at least 10 karats. Although vermeil is a plated metal it’s much thicker than items labeled as “gold plated”, or “gold dipped”; gold plated items are usually 75% less gold in terms of thickness. Most of Tree Myriah’s bezelled gemstones are set in a gold vermeil setting.
Are you eyeing a specific TM jewel but you’re not sure what types of metal were used in the creation process? If you view the description of each jewelry piece, I break down exactly what metals I use to create each piece. Do you still have questions? Comment below with your question and I’ll do my best to answer!

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