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Philanthropy month // Ocean Connectors collaboration - Tree Myriah

Philanthropy month // Ocean Connectors collaboration


Give jewelry that gives back this holiday season:

I have always believed in a world where nature and humans can co-exist in health and harmony. A world where we all love the ocean, and do everything in our power to ensure its continued vibrancy and wellness. I want to live in a world where adventure, education, and ocean awareness are the norm. A world where people understand the importance of marine life and pick up trash whenever they see it, before it washes out to sea. I refuse to allow political borders, social backgrounds, or economic class to stop future generations from having access to high-quality ocean education.

When I first heard about Ocean Connectors, I instantly felt a connection with their work. I love that Ocean Connectors focuses on inspiring and educating underserved kids, not only in the greater San Diego area, but also across the border in Nayarit, Mexico. Ocean Connectors unites students in each area through a knowledge exchange program, where they inspire one another to care for the sea and to conserve our shared species of migratory marine life.

I believe the exposure and education that Ocean Connectors provides is an exciting and engaging way for kids to expand their love and understanding of our beautiful blue planet, while also having a lot of fun. Ocean Connectors not only focuses on keeping the oceans thriving and healthy, but also on giving children the tools, knowledge, and experiences to begin a lifelong journey of ocean awareness and passion.

This why I chose to donate 10% of profits from Tree Myriah jewelry to Ocean Connectors. Each handcrafted Tree Myriah jewel is created from my desire to provide refined bohemian jewelry so versatile you can wear it to the office, a night out on the town, or on your next big travel adventure. Each jewel purchased through my website will directly help to give schoolchildren the tools needed to make educated decisions about marine life and ocean health. Join me in creating a better world, where our ocean comes first!

Check out my collection Salt Water, featuring gorgeous designs inspired by the sea.

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