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Holidays: Free self care gift with every order!

We're celebrating the new winter collection Eros named after the Greek god of love and desire. The collection was created to inspire your own self love. This holiday season I’m popping an extra pampering gift into your orders. A full size bottle of Eternal Apothic’s coveted Super C Skin Crystals! 



Why are Vitamin C Crystals so loved?  

-Vitamin C, when applied topically, is known for toning, tightening and brightening the skin along with promoting collagen production working to thickening the skin/dermis which visibly reduces fine lines. Its also a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce redness in the complexion, as well as being a sun-damage protectant - essentially guarding the skin from UV exposure.


-A true super-hero for encouraging a healthy and radiant complexion. Unique antioxidant crystals activate upon the time of use ensures highest potency to fortify skin with this powerful, age defying Vitamin C. Helping to protect from environmental stressors Super C Skin Crystals also help to adjust the pH of skin making this unique product an ideal toner to prep skin for any routine.


-With the ability to slow the aging process and improve the overall complexion by stimulating collagen production, brightening and tightening skin tone and protecting from free radical damage our skin crystals are synergistically formulated with inflammation reducer MSM, which also works detoxify skin cells while enhancing the absorption of Vitamin C, and nutrient dense Coconut to revitalize and regenerate skin with natural growth factors.

Expand your self care ritual with Eternal Apothic's other products.

Put together your TM holiday orders soon to ensure you receive one of these wonderful bottles of Skin Crystals before stock runs out. Start your holiday shopping NOW!



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