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DIY: Kids explorer project

While it seems most of our normal summer plans are up in the air, making things doesn’t have to be. This is why Tibora Bea (Tuesday Tumbleweed)  and Jenna Catsos (Pen+Pine) created Craft in Place - projects designed to encourage you to think differently about what supplies you have at home, inspire you to make things with simple materials, and help explore the inner workings of your imagination.
Here is a quick project to keep you and your kiddos busy during these days at home. If you want more projects and full lesson plans, visit Tuesday Tumbleweed.





Tibora Bea

Tibora Bea is a creative & visual communications practitioner and consultant. She has traversed the globe and deeply enjoys supporting people who want to make a difference in the world. More information can be found at


Jenna Catsos

Jenna Catsos is the woman behind Pen+Pine, a Northern California-based illustration company offering whimsical goodies. Pen+Pine is the marriage of her interests in fine art, education, and the natural world.  She loves the excitement, creativity, and challenge of running a small business. A few other things she loves: seltzer water, neighborhood walks, library books, rearranging furniture, acquiring house plants, ambitious garden projects, and opening presents. She is also a community organizer +  public art enthusiast (creator of the annual Eureka Street Art Festival), and a small business consultant with the Small Business Development Center.

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