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Style: How-to style your Tree Myriah gems

Hi all! I’m Dani, founder of @dgwithlove life and style blog. I am a university student who is passionate about writing, my dogs, vegan cooking, giving back and of course-- fashion. I am so excited to be partnering with Tree to share a few holiday looks with you and my favorite ways to wear her beautiful creations!


First up and my personal favorite, we have the Diamond Pearl Choker. When I was deciding which pieces to pair with what, I automatically saw this necklace on for a party. Whether it’s with friends, coworkers or family it is the perfect piece to jazz up your look. I paired it with the Belle Earrings, equally suitable for any and all holiday events.



Now, most of us are cozied up at home or heading to school or work the majority of the time and not at holiday parties. For everyday wear I have fallen in love with the Versatile Necklace. I wore it this entire past weekend on a girls “staycation” in a neighboring city and it matched EVERYTHING. What makes this piece so versatile and easy to style is that it combines sterling silver and gold-plated vermeil.


In alignment with everyday wear, a few Tree Myriah pieces have become bedside table staples of mine-- meaning I remove them before bed and often put them right back on in the morning. I’ve been rotating my Dainty BB Earrings and the Eye Necklace. I love the Eye Necklace because I feel it is a piece that makes me stand out, even if I just have on a white tee and jeans. The Dainty BB earrings are that little something extra to throw on whether you’re running errands or grabbing a coffee with a friend.  

Last but certainly not least, I want to highlight the Moonstone Vila Necklace. As soon as I laid eyes on this little guy i envisioned it on date nights, glistening over a candlelit dinner complete with a glass of wine or bubbles. Enough said.


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