Stockist Highlight: Plaza Arcata - Tree Myriah

Stockist Highlight: Plaza Arcata

If you follow me on social media or are a frequenter to gift buying on the Arcata Plaza then you may already know that Plaza Arcata is one of my newest stockists! I love this boutique for many reasons and have been doing a lot of my own gift buying in the shop for years. Natalie does a wonderful job curating the space, you can find a great gift for anyone (including yourself!) The shop also offers free gift wrapping which is always a major plus. You can find a collection of my jewels alongside many other independent brands on the shelves. Get to know Natalie and the shop a little better with this interview I did with her.
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Tree: Tell us a little about your shop; where are you located, how long you've been open ext.:

Natalie: PLAZA is a home & lifestyle boutique in farNorthern California.  Our store has a unique history in that we opened in May of 2012 shortly after the landmark store before us - Plaza Design - closed its doors.  Although we are a new and separate business, we have worked hard to continue on with the tradition, while adding our own style and design to the mix.

Tree: What products would we expect to find in the shop?

Natalie: Since we are a wide-range gift and home store, we carry a little bit of everything - from greeting cards to custom order upholstery.  We place high priority on sourcing ethically produced, fair-trade and local products with an ultimate goal of curating an environment of beauty and delight.

Tree: What's your favorite part about owning Plaza?

Natalie: I have found so much pleasure in being part of a local business community.  I have lived in Humboldt County for over 25 years, and within the last 6 years of operating this business, I have had the amazing opportunity to connect to the community in a completely new and exciting way.  Retail is never dull and always a challenge. That, and I get to surround myself with beautiful stuff every day! 

Tree: What's your favorite local activity/place to visit!

Natalie: I'm kind of a homebody - I love working in my yard, cooking, entertaining and doing projects around the house.  However, we do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, so it is important to not take that for granted.  Getting out onto the trails, beaches and rivers is always a go-to.  Plus, we have a vibrant restaurant and arts community which provide many opportunities to get out and about for a little social time.

Tree: You carry lots of independent/small business’s items in the shop, why is this important to you?

Natalie: Providing local, small-run artisanal products provides an opportunity for us to support local artists in their work, provides our customers with unique products and creates a symbiotic relationship between our business community, our artisan community and our customers.

Tree: How did you first discover Tree Myriah jewelry?

Natalie: Tree and her family have been regular shoppers of ours for years!

Tree: As a follow up to the last question, what’s your favorite jewelry piece?

Natalie: I'm a big earring kind of girl, so I'd have to say some of your larger hoop/chain/gem styles make me pretty happy.

Tree: Are there any specific products or brands you carry in Plaza that you would recommend to Tree Myriah customers? 

Natalie: Along with our usual comprehensive selection of Hobo purses and wallets, we have continued to add some new indie purse lines that cover a wide range of styles, sizes an colors - and at some really great pricepoints!

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