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Diamond Threaders


~Gold filled threaders 4.5".
~Raw Diamond Quartz.

Do you like a little refined edge in your wardrobe? The Diamond Threaders feature raw diamond quartz gems paired with thin gold threaders that highlight the rough stones delicate side. These earrings harmonize your chic and edgy side. You can wear these beauties a few different ways. Feed the gold threaders through one of piercing holes with the gold bar or the diamond quartz facing forwards. Or weave the threaders through your double pierced ear for a layered hanging chain look.

-Jewelry Care-
We recommend removing jewelry before:
~Applying makeup, lotion, perfume or any other beauty products.
~Bathing or swimming.
~Cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals of any kind. 
~If your jewelry does come into contact with water gently pat dry.