Intuitive and Intentional Design: Exploring Small Batch Drops

The brand Tree Myriah came to be as a way to celebrate the connection of wonder, beauty, art, and nature. I want each TM piece that you wear to help you embody and explore these areas of your life! I view the world as my muse (as so many of you do too), and it’s time outside— in nature and new places in general— where I’m able to dedicate ample time to observing all of the intricacies that inspire each of my small batch drops. I feel strongly about the importance of paying attention to the world around us; the simple act of being present can become a catalyst for your next big idea or breakthrough. It’s this perspective shift that allows for free flowing, unbound creativity and self development!


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Small batches and one of a kind pieces have been key to my journey as a designer since the beginning. I try to make jewelry after spending time out in the garden, hiking in the forest, and doing things that bring me good energy. I transfer this intuitively into my designs; I lay out my raw materials and that’s when the magic happens! What I see and experience out in the world becomes the pieces that you buy. I recreate color, shape, and form that I feel drawn to and called to share with others. A customer once told me that when she puts on her TM jewels it “lights her up!


Through the extra time and care that goes into all of my small batch drops, I hope to give each wearer her own piece of awe and wonder…something that reminds her of the many perspectives that life takes, and to enjoy (or at least, peacefully endure) the highs AND the lows, because there will always be both. 


SURPRISE! A new small batch drop is coming in the next few months, inspired by the feeling of watching your garden bloom for the first time, low tides on the Oregon Coast, and returning home to loved ones and familiar flora. 


Have you ever looked back on an event or decision and realized that you let your ego get in the way? Maybe you had an inclination or “gut feeling,” regarding something that you second-guessed or ignored…and are left wondering, “What if I had listened?” 

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Had I listened to my ego or ignored my intuition at the start of my journey, when I was just making one off pieces to sell at campgrounds from pheasant feathers my grandfather sourced, I would not be here today. I would not be connecting with you over the beauty of gemstones and intentional design. Letting my intuition guide me and my jewelry designs has helped me communicate on a deeper level, with nature and those around me. The Fern Set recreates the various shades of green that wild fern plants can take on, all while giving the wearer a sense of calm. I look to communicate the feelings nature can elicit—as well as their texture and shape— with chains, stones and wire in each jewelry drop. 


I hope that the small moments and intricacies that surround us in this little, big world can be permanently captured in the one-of-a-kind pieces and small batch collections that I create for you. I want each Tree Myriah piece that you wear to go beyond pretty and unique…though they are both of those, too. ;) 


Whether you are celebrating a milestone, new chapter in life, or simply your magical, ever-evolving existence, you deserve adornments that remind you of where you’re going. When you wear a little piece of the earth, you remind yourself of all the plants, places, and memories that make up your unique existence. Small batch jewelry is special and often hard to recreate…wearing these pieces will remind you that your journey is your own and allowed to change whenever you feel called to do so. You deserve to express yourself freely and have those inner workings represented in your growing box of personal treasures. I see you. I support you. Let me be your guide to help adorn you, uplift you, and encourage you to make the world happier and healthier just by being YOU and living authentically.


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